február 06, 2007

Oxford V Villa

január 20, 2007

Ferencvaros v Millwall

World Cup Memories - Preston Lads In Germany

Preston at Hull 2006

Preston at Birmingham 2006

január 18, 2007

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december 15, 2006

Paok in Omonia

Hooligan compilation

december 13, 2006

Booze birds

"I’m on probation for ABH actually – I got drunk and attacked a girl. I lost my rag and rammed a bottle in her face".

That’s the story of Kirsten, a bashing booze bird: the modern day phenomenon of young women who drink to get drunk and then get involved in fights in bars and clubs, and out on the streets.

British women are drinking at record levelsand English and Irish women have just been officially declared the world’s biggest binge drinkers, consuming four or more units per session.

At the same time there’s an increase in the number of women involved in anti-social behaviour, and though there are no government figures, the police say they are dealing with more incidents of drunken female aggression.

Nicky Taylor, the nation’s favourite Booze Bird, hits the drinking circuits of Britain again to investigate what’s going on with women on their nights out. How big is the problem and is binge drinking to blame? What is the link between alcohol and aggression?

Nicky enrols on a Door Supervisor course so that she can get a job as a bouncer and find out first-hand what happens in a typical club at the weekend; she joins some young women on a night out in Cardiff – one of the country’s top stag and hen destinations – to witness drunk women letting fly with their fists and their stilettos; and joins a weekend patrol with police in Peterborough to see how they deal with the growing problem of out-of-control booze birds.

During her investigation, Nicky finds out that whereas men’s testosterone level drops when they drink alcohol, women’s rise. She puts this claim to the test by climbing into an East End boxing ring with trainer Ben, first sober then, after downing a bottle wine, completely drunk. Does her testosterone rise and does she become more aggressive?

Nicky ends her journey by looking at how the drinks industry has targeted women drinkers, and tries to track down the government’s response to the British binge-drinking problem – a document called AHRSE…

december 11, 2006

Kispest Youth singing in the pub

december 05, 2006

Djurgårdens Fina Grabbar in Jönköpping